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Matt knows he’s blessed to live in an area and community he loves; the buzzing coastal town of Portrush. Around these parts he’s a familiar sight, toting a camera, wetsuit, board or baby. Matt honed his craft by photographing thousands of customers experiencing the thrill of his business Causeway Coasteering, plus numerous weddings, engagements, family and newborn portraiture part time since 2014.

Matt has been exploring, swimming and surfing Causeway Coast cliffs, beaches and coves since he was a child. Eventually, this knowledge and experience grew into Causeway Coasteering. The business allowed him ten incredible years of being immersed in the coastline, introducing families to a myriad of nooks and crannies they never knew existed. Knowing how, when and where to access these stunning locations was key. Matt thrived in revealing secret coves, caves and cliffs, providing an immersive and unrivalled experience for locals and tourists alike. A critical element of this experience was photography, enhanced by Matt’s infectious enthusiasm!

Matt’s coasteering portfolio encapsulates multiple photographic disciplines – sport, underwater, portrait, and landscape photography. Matt shot hundreds of images of happy families every day in the most stunning seascapes, tackling the ever-changing and challenging conditions. During these fast moving sessions, Matt harnessed technical proficiency to capture his customers’ unrestrained joy at the pivotal moment! Matt decided that 2021 was the year to jump out of coasteering and follow his passion of photographing families full time, on the coastline he knows so well.

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